Friday, October 19, 2012

Jerry Beck on TCM with Rare Animated Films on 10-21-12

I hope that others are watching the special program on TCM this Sunday evening, Oct. 21st, with Jerry Beck, the cartoon historian and author of fifteen books on the subject.

Above: Robert Osborne & Jerry Beck on TCM on Sunday, October 21st. [photo courtesy of TCM]
 I had the pleasure of meeting Jerry when I visited TCM this summer (more about that at a later date). I was delighted to discuss his work with him for some time prior to his appearance with Robert Osborne. His knowledge of his subject and his love for classic animation is so infectious. Hats off to Jerry, who has posted some great links to historical material associated with tonight's lineup on TCM at the link below on his terrific website on animation that he maintains with his colleague, Amid Amidi.'s account of Jerry's visit with TCM is linked here:

I recommend The Tell-Tale Heart in particular. James Mason did the narration in this beautifully made (and little known) adaptation of the Edgar Allan Poe tale. I am particularly interested in the 1920 cartoon, The Bomb Idea since it deals with the then "ripped-from-the-headlines" theme of  Bolshevik bomb-throwers, (an unusual subject for a cartoon, eh?). You can see more about each film on tonight's schedule here

Here's a rundown of the schedule for tonight (all times shown are ET):


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