Monday, May 14, 2012

The Silver Screen Oasis Is Still on Hold

For all our concerned friends who share in the classic film mirth and madness at The Silver Screen Oasis--

The search for solutions to the technical issues that caused our message board to go offline goes on. If wishes were know the rest, gang. Thanks for all your patience. We'll try to keep you informed of further developments. Please don't lose heart. We will rise again. (And we'll be sure to help Lillian get out of the house more--even if it is a bit "breezy" out there in the cyber-desert).

Lillian can smile again...and relax a little

Modern Praise for Roger Livesey

My fellow blogger Jenny at CinemaOCD has unearthed a BBC4 conversation with author-actor Mark Gatiss (Sherlock, Doctor Who) in praise of a favorite actor around here--Roger Livesey (one of the essential actors in the Powell & Pressburger films of the '40s, as well as a dashing yet pensive figure in many other films, including Drum, Master of Ballantrae, The Entertainer, and The League of Gentlemen).

The link to this conversation can be accessed by clicking hereLivesey's name comes up beginning about 23:35 minutes into the discussion.

You can read more about this ingratiating character actor in a past blog entry here.


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