Monday, October 24, 2011

Directed By John Ford: A Conversation with April Lane

When he was asked about his own cinematic influences, the protean filmmaker Orson Welles famously replied, "I prefer the old masters; by which I mean: John Ford, John Ford and John Ford."

Today, if you go to your local library or a book store, you'll see an astonishing number of biographies of movie stars (a few are even worth reading), as well as some scholarly tomes and biographies devoted to the people behind the camera--especially John Ford, the director whose creative life spanned the silent and sound era, crafted an imaginary but powerful vision of Ireland, and shaped our idea of American history on film.* Surprisingly, as Ford devotee April Lane discovered, in the online world, there was no website devoted exclusively to the work, life, and ongoing events and influence generated by John Ford. Being a logical young woman, and one blessed (or is it vexed?) by her love of all things Fordian, she has created, a glorious, newborn site replete with images, info, and updates about the work and life of this filmmaker.


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