Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July 2011!

To our friends here and abroad, many wishes for a joyous day of freedom on the Fourth of July.

 Before we settle down with Joe E. Brown, Fred Keating, Glenda Farrell, James Cagney, and Pat O'Brien for a holiday barbecue at the O'Brien household, perhaps you'd enjoy a little game. (Say, didn't Fred Keating look a lot like Jack LaRue?)

To celebrate our classic American film roots, I offer the following thumbnail images below for your enjoyment--and occasional puzzlement, as you wonder how they came up with some of these cockamamie ideas for publicity stills and the circumstances when they were taken. (Since a few of these people on display are a wee bit obscure, I've added an asterisk next to them with info below about their background).

See if you can match the numbered image below to the names listed correctly (please click on the thumbnail to see the larger version of the images). No points for the two most obvious stars shown (hint: they were married).


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