Monday, March 28, 2011

Allegedly "Stylish"?

My first reaction was "Gee, are you sure about this?" My second thought was my gratitude to Ginny at Old Movies Nostalgia and Jacqueline at Another Old Movie Blog, who each awarded the Stylish Blogger Award to me to start this week off on a very high note. If this keeps up, I'll actually have to start writing consistently instead of sporadically. Thank you for these generous nods, which mean more coming from these accomplished writers and kind individuals, even if they are slightly delusional about my alleged sense of style. I'll try to keep your touching appreciation in mind when tempted to slack off!

To play by the rules of this award, I encourage anyone reading this to please visit Ginny and Jacqueline's blogs, since they are two fine writers who have set the bar higher for all of us. Another aspect of this award seems to be to spill some seven revealing facts about myself, and then pass the award along to seven other stylish bloggers, who are encouraged to do the same. Here goes 7 not so fascinating revelations and 7 blogs (not all cinematic in nature) that others might enjoy as much as I do:

What you may not know (or care) about me:

  • Last Friday I became an aunt for the tenth time, when a perfect little girl entered my fortunate family and this imperfect world. The earth is lucky to have this dainty lady, whose eyes are already open and searching each admiring face that swims into view!
  • If I could climb in the wayback machine (move over, Mr. Peabody and Sherman), I would set the dial for New York City,1945. That pivotal year--so tragic and so liberating--would be profoundly moving to witness from that perspective.
  • One of my lifetime dream jobs would involve becoming an illustrator of children's literature. 
  • I design imaginary gardens in the wintertime, using ideas garnered from a shelf-full of horticulture books and bulb and seed catalogues. None will appear exactly as seen in my mind's eye, but parts will be cropping up in the pots and the ground around my dwelling come Spring.
  • The Greek myths still haunt my imagination. Maybe that's just the result of seeing Kirk Douglas as Ulysses (1954) at a tender age, but I like to tell myself it is something more complex and Jungian. Dream on!
  • This carnivore would not want to live in a world without garlic, rosemary, lemons, white wine, or chicken, my favorite food. Like Wade Boggs, Moira could eat chicken every day, and she could learn to speak of herself in the third person too. However, Moira could never play third base as well as Wade. Let's hope that's where the similarities end and differences begin.
  • Given a choice between metamorphosing into a cat or a dog, I would choose dog every time. What they often lack in the hygiene and hauteur of kitties, they make up for in their capacity to be delighted and delightful. 
What other blogs I would like to recommend for The Stylish Blogger Award:
  • Content in a Cottage: The lucid author Rosemary Beck makes me feel like I really could be a child of nature, if only I had the time and her taste. Reading this blog makes me appreciate the quotidian mysteries in my every day.
  • Enchanted Serenity of Period Films: Face it. We watch films to revisit life from different times, angles and pedestals. Things only seemed orderly then, especially when Ottawa blogger Charleybrown is our bemused and appreciative guide.
  • Little Augury: The odd, the arcane, and the grace possible in everyday life are the subject here.  All have in common the style sense of their creative dreamer (and excellent researcher) Patricia Gaye Tapp, blending the strange and the beautiful seamlessly.
  •  50 Westerns From the '50s: The view from the back of a horse, well written, witty, and informative, keeps blazing new trails in my lingering love for the western. Blogger Toby's viewpoint and the promising book that he is allowing his readers to see coming together are as refreshing as the scent of new hay and horseflesh when passing a barn door in early Summer.
  • Found in Mom's Basement: Vintage advertising seems to have been from another planet when you look at what artifacts blogger Paula Zargaj-Reynolds has unearthed. Until you check out this amusing author's other blog, Advertising Is Good For You, about today's ways of penetrating your consciousness. 
  • CinemaOCD: Does Jenny the Nipper have to be one of the funniest as well as tersely perceptive bloggers about classic movies? Yes, especially since she makes me laugh out loud...regularly.
  • James Lileks' One Man Empire: Newspaper man James Lileks is also an author of scathingly accurate little books about the world many of us grew up in. He also appears to never sleep, enabling him to keep juggling a dazzling array of blogs, bleats, and compendiums that are rather brilliant. I don't think he'd care about this award, but he sure deserves it.


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