Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Before the Cheering Fades Away...

One last note about the first TCM Classic Film Festival, which is now history:

The great news is that all I've heard from the people who attended was that they were bowled over by the kindness of the TCM staff and the quality of the films that they saw. Each of them seems to have had the time of their movie-lovin' lives meeting each other too. If you were lucky enough to go, I hope you'll spread the word and get some rest (you must be exhausted)!

Let's hope that this well received event raised the profile of the robust classic movie audience to a level that might penetrate the corporate board rooms where decisions about caring for our cinematic heritage are made every day.

The even greater news is that TCM's Robert Osborne announced that a second festival is in the works. Let joy reign unconfined...and let's consider saving every penny to attend the next time A gentle hint for the festival planners: while I know that there are indications that a roadshow version of the festival are being considered, could an East Coast or Midwest venue be considered a possibility some time, TCM?

Festival participant and presenter Leonard Maltin has written a lively account of his whirlwind experience at the TCM Festival here .


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