Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Helen Walker (1920-1968)

Helen Walker, an essential film noir actress who was capable of much more as well, is featured in a two part blog that began last week on the Movie Morlocks at TCM.  The Massachusetts-born actress, after a breakthrough role in a Broadway play in the early forties, soon moved to Paramount Pictures, where she proved herself capable of playing the Hollywood glamour game, but bringing a tart, intelligent freshness to both  comedic and dramatic roles. The private world outside the studios proved a bit harder to manage as bad luck and personal issues diminished her star power.

Part I of the profile, describing her early years and movies, can be read here.

Part II of the account, following her career and personal arc in Hollywood, can be read here.

An overview of the actress' relatively brief life and career can be seen below in a slideshow:


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