Saturday, January 9, 2010

Vladimir Sokoloff: "One Life Is Not Enough"

Vladimir Sokoloff in The Magnificent Seven (1960)

When I realized that both Method Acting and the Shadows of Russia were being explored on Monday and Wednesday nights respectively for the next few weeks on TCM, all I could think was:

"Why, oh, why, isn't character actor Vladimir Sokoloff around to sit down with Robert Osborne for a chin wag on these two fascinating topics?"

Such is our fate. As latter day observers of both cultural phenomena, we may ponder the origins of The Method as well as the sometimes wondrous (and just plain odd) movies that emerged from American perceptions of Russian history in the 20th century.

For Sokoloff, these topics were part of his life. He had trained at the Moscow Art Theater as a youth, seen the Russian Revolution sweep the world he'd grown up in aside, become a prominent actor in German silents during the Weimar years, moved on to a career in France when the Nazis came to power, and finally landed on his agile feet in America...More on the Movie Morlocks at TCM


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