Monday, January 4, 2010

Shadows of Russia Cast Across TCM in January

 Shadows of Russia, a series of movies focusing on American cinematic reflections (and in several cases, distortions) of Russia is featured on TCM on Wednesdays in January.

As you may know, The Self-Styled Siren, a blogger found here, blends erudition with fun and her own unique perceptions in her well written essays, has been instrumental in putting this series together with New York Post critic Lou Lumenick. I believe that the Siren (Farran Smith Nehme) will reportedly be seen introducing some of them on the network. Included in this series are some historically significant, many highly entertaining, sometimes bizarre and quite rare films for this event. I hope that you will add your own thoughts about them. You can see the TCM article about this here. My comments appear below in brief after the time and details about each movie.


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