Friday, January 1, 2010

Ringing in the New with a Glance Back

Imagine yourself hopscotching through time in Hollywood at the holiday season in the 1930s and 1940s. Chances are, if you are a just a visitor, a civilian with little interest in show biz, or even one of the hoi polloi, eking out a pretty fair living as one of the worker bees in the film industry, often working six days a week, if you are lucky, and trying to make your pay packet last from week to week, you might be feeling a bit exhausted by New Year's Eve.

If you are like many visitors, you may be overwhelmed, charmed or appalled at the way that tinsel town celebrates the season. The film capitol, along with the rest of America, seems to have taken to the holidays with a vengeance. Public and private parties, movie premieres, assignations and charity events come at a person in a blinding rush.

Before we know it another year's December festivities is a blur, a New Year is upon us, and, after the warmth of the holiday becomes a memory, the crumpled wrapping paper is cleaned up, the headaches have eased and the indiscretions half-forgotten, we move on...though perhaps one more tiny look back is warranted?...more on the Movie Morlocks at TCM


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