Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Christmas Album: Orson Welles

Our eighth day on the trek through Hollywood's Christmas Past brings us to December 23rd, 1939, at the Annual Motion Picture Guild Charity Party in Hollywood. A mere 23 years old, Mr. Orson Welles is seen above as he yuks it up for the cameras with Mrs. Jack Warner, the former Ann Boyar, (middle) and actress Lili Damita (right). Less than 24 hours later Welles would be introducing Lionel Barrymore to the nation on the radio for his annual turn as Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol, but, for the moment, there were ladies to amuse, and people to impress in the new found stamping grounds for the "boy genius" in Los Angeles.

TCM Remembers 2009

I may have missed one or two of those included, but I believe that the following are included in this year's TCM Remembers video tribute to those who contributed to cinema:

Edmund Purdom, Natasha Richardson, Jody McCrea, Ricardo Montalban, Al Martino, Robert Mulligan, Howard Zieff, Pamela Blake, Farrah Fawcett, Larry Gelbart, Charles Schneer, Edward Woodward, Sam Bottoms, Patrick Swayze, Olga San Juan, Paul Burke, Horton Foote, Sydney Chaplin, Susanna Foster, Ken Annakin, Jack Cardiff, Beverly Roberts, Kathleen Byron, Dorothy Coonan, Daniel Melnick, Jane Bryan, Ron Silver, David Carradine, Richard Todd, Gale Storm, Pat Hingle, Eartha Kitt, Lou Jacobi, Bea Arthur, Maurice Jarre, Dom DeLuise, Henry Gibson, Budd Schulberg, Claude Berri, Dominick Dunne, Betsy Blair, James Whitmore, Joseph Wiseman, Patrick McGoohan, John Hughes, and Karl Malden.

There were too many gone this year, or maybe it just seems that way. I liked the tidy way that the video used still pictures to mark those who worked off screen to make films, while clips from motion pictures were found for each performer. I'll update this if TCM amends this spot, adding, I hope, Gene Barry, whose death last week probably just missed the cut for the production of this video. The music in the background is "To Live Is To Fly" by Steve Earle.

I'm sorry to report that this video has been removed from youtube. You can still view it here for the moment:

TCM Remembers 2009

You can see some of the other years of TCM Remembers here on this site.


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