Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Christmas Album: Marsha Hunt

“I wanted to keep my hand in and prove I could still do it.”

Day Three of our holiday jaunt finds us wondering over the above comment, which was made fairly recently by the lady behind all those Christmas packages that are about to tumble to the ground--actress and author Marsha Hunt, describing her efforts to keep making a contribution to the world, even as she soars through her ninth decade. Posing for one of the myriad publicity shots such as the one shown was designed to keep contract players busy and to make America aware of their presence on the scene. Ms. Hunt, however, stands out from the ranks of that crowded studio scene, beginning in the '30s. One reason that Hunt appeared in so many fashion photographs of the period for the studios where she was hired hand was her refusal to pose for "leg art" or pin-up shots. Even though she was still in her teens when arriving in Hollywood, Hunt had a mind of her own, recognizing that she hadn't studied acting since the age of three for that fate. She was distinguished by some factors that no amount of ballyhoo could mask: a gentle humor blended with elegance, an intelligence, a conscience, and a work ethic that led her to keep developing her talent on film and the stage for years.


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