Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Podcasts on TCM

A relatively new feature has been added to the TCM site--podcasts.

These come in the form of video podcasts and audio podcasts (in mp3 formats). Each month the video podcasts feature TCM staff members discussing various features coming up on the network. Their guileless pleasure in the films that they discuss and discover in the course of doing their jobs is an aspect of these relatively brief recommendations, which are similar to those displays one sees in book and video stores offering staff favorites. A link to November's podcast is here.

TCM has also started to add the uncut, much longer versions of their Private Screenings interviews in an audio podcast to their site, beginning with Angela Lansbury and Leslie Caron.

I recently listened to the Leslie Caron interview over the course of a couple of days and found her descriptions of her life in Nazi occupied France, her family's attitude toward her career, and her vivid impressions of Hollywood in the '50s to be much more interesting than any discussions of her movies. My image of Caron and respect for her were changed considerably by listening to her remarks. I was also more aware of Robert Osborne's skill in drawing his subject out of herself. Links to these podcasts--which are reportedly going to include other uncut versions of the interviews for Private Screenings in the future, are below:

Angela Lansbury Part One

Angela Lansbury Part Two

Leslie Caron Part One

Leslie Caron Part Two


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