Saturday, September 19, 2009

Group Thinking

The Group (1966) a movie based on the novel by Mary McCarthy, chronicling the coming of age of a gaggle of privileged women in the 1930s was the focus of this week's Movie Morlocks blog over on TCM, which begins below:

One of the posters for The Group (1966)
Melancholia! Sex! The New Deal! Alcoholism! Brooding Artists! Swedish Modern Furniture! Psychoanalysis! Contraception! Lesbians! The Abraham Lincoln Brigade! The La Leche League! Cocktail Parties! The Theatre with a capital "T"!
The Group (1966-Sidney Lumet) had it all, dear readers, in spades.
At this distance, the gulf between personal and public faces and the political skirmishes touched on in this movie between Trotskyites, Stalinists, socialists and the battle of the sexes seems even more long ago and far away than it must have appeared in the 1960s. Still, I couldn't help being drawn into the story, thanks largely to the talented cast and the sometimes uneven but breezy, episodic nature of the movie...more


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