Monday, June 29, 2009

The Errol Flynn Centenary

Errol Flynn as Robin Hood

Since the Centenary of Errol Flynn's birth seem to pass without much clamor here in the States, I was moved to write about the legacy of that restless spirit to cinephiles everywhere. Here's the beginning of the TCM Movie Morlocks blog entry noting this event:

"Maybe all that I am in this world and all that I have been and done comes down to nothing more than being a touch of color in a prosaic world. Even that is something." ~ Errol Flynn, writing in My Wicked, Wicked Ways

Well, no. It can't be possible. Errol Flynn at 100 is unimaginable. Yet, as of Saturday, June 20th, the great swashbuckler of the sound era passed the one hundredth anniversary of his birth in 1909 in Tasmania. It may seem impossible that such a milestone has been reached without a bigger celebration in Flynn's adopted homeland of America. However, ask yourself: For true classic movie fans, haven't we continued to celebrate and rediscover Errol Flynn and his evergreen films over and over in the years since he left this world? here for the rest of the blog, at the TCM Movie Morlocks,

Trouble Along the Way (1953): All Too Human a Father

The approach of Father's Day brought out the sentimental side, (is there another side to me, I wonder?). Consequently, this "girl's" fancy turned to memories of a little known film of John Wayne's--one that brings him down off the horse and the pedestal, struggling with everyday life like the rest of us. My post on the TCM Movie Morlocks blog begins below, mulling over the actor inside the movie star, the power of father-daughter ties, and even football!

"What do you know about love? I think love is watching your child go off to school for the first time alone... sitting beside a sick kid's bed waiting for the doctor, praying it isn't polio... or that cold chill you get when you hear the screech of brakes, and know your kid's outside on the street some place... and a lot of other things you get can't get out of books, 'cause nobody knows how to write 'em down." ~John Wayne as Steve Aloysius Williams in Trouble Along the Way (1953) Please click here to read the rest of the blog...


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