Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bad Movies I Love: Susan Slade (1961)

Yes. Bad movies make me smile. Drawn to them like a moth to a flame, I never cease to be amused and appalled by their ability to reflect something real yet comically off about human beings and their society.

Here's a taste of one of the best of the bad movies I've run across recently, as celebrated in the Movie Morlocks blog for TCM. It may have trivialized and over-dramatized simultaneously, but none of the actors involved, particularly the veterans, gave less than 100%.

Susan Slade (1961): Stop Me Before I Watch It Again!

"Why did I watch it? I knew it was no good for me. What compelled me to drink long and hard from the cultural kool-aid that this movie proffered?

Well, there are several reasons.

It was snowing heavily that Sunday. I'd run out of steam after boxing up the Christmas decorations for another year, and vacuuming the pine needles for the umpteenth time, (which I'll probably still be doing in June). Inertia had set in and the electronic hearth offered a break from the prosaic, post-holiday tasks. On reflection, some of these justifications and explanations are better excuses than others for spending two hours of my life with this strangely satisfying, if goofy movie. Here are a few factors that make this very guilty pleasure so darn watchable:

The story is eternal, especially for anyone whose life has ever been ruled by estrogen--yup, it's an über-chick flick. The Sin of Susan Slade first saw light as a story published in the mid-50s by Doris Hume, which evoked numerous letters from readers either hailing the novel about an unwed mother as "a breakthrough in American letters" or as a "new low" in publishing history. Either way, the folks at Warner Brothers were canny enough to see gold in those hyperbolic responses, and snapped up the rights to the story."
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